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Real Women, Real Stories - In Conversation with Ragini Bana

A fitness enthusiast, Ragini found her true calling at the age of 50. Read her story below.

“Age is just a number.” We have all heard this phrase at some point in our lives. However, there are only a scarce number of us who truly believe it. Ragini Bana imbibes, with authenticity, the very essence of this phrase. Although her career had a rocky start, that never stopped her from pushing forward. Eventually, she found her true passion in events management at the age of 50. In this interview, she opens up about having to let go of several job opportunities, being a single mother to two daughters, her menopausal journey and a very special message for other women.

1. Can you tell us a little something about your professional journey as well as your personal life?

Through the course of my career, I have taken up several different jobs. After college, I worked as a teacher with Informatic Computer Systems where I taught at many reputed schools all over India. However, I could not continue this because my husband also had a travelling job and I had just had my kids. This made thing extremely hectic, so I made the choice to stop working for a while.

My career restarted years later when we had finally settled down in Gurgaon. I got involved with my residential building’s RWA (Resident Welfare Association). I used to organise events for the building. Eventually, I got picked up by a company called Primerica Life Insurance. They were very impressed with my work and invited me to work with them at the office. Now, I have organised multiple international events for them.

2. How easy or difficult is it to be a single mother?

It is quite a difficult task when they are young because they are dependent on you. You have to take them for tuition, help them with applying to college, getting all their stationary and many other jobs. However, once they get older and finish school, it becomes easier.

Once they have left the nest, so to say, I didn’t have to focus my energy towards keeping the house in order. I had full-time house help who made my food and I’m not picky. I can eat anything, I don’t mind. As a result, I could give a lot more time to my career.

3. What is the one value or quality that you’d like your daughters to have?

I think there are a few values that I have tried to instil in them, and I can proudly say that they have imbibed them. First and foremost, I have always tried to emphasise the importance of honesty and I do believe that we share a truthful relationship. Even though there might be things I don’t tell them, or they don’t tell me, we still know each other like an open book. I also believe that they are both extremely kind-hearted and very generous and giving in nature.

4. Tell us about your health and how do you make sure that you are healthy?

Anyone who knows me can testify to the fact that I’m a very active person. I have a routine in place where I have to start my mornings with at least an hour or two of exercise, if not more. I mentioned earlier that I’m not a picky eater and as a result I’m not fussy about eating healthy. In fact, I only make an effort to eat as many raw vegetables as I can.

5. So, you must have hit your menopause. Is it something which bothered you? How were your symptoms?

I hit my menopause two years ago and I think I’m lucky to say that I did not face a single problem. I didn’t even realise when it came and went. Maybe it was because of my active lifestyle but it was a very smooth and natural transition for me.

In the beginning, I did get worried for a while because I heard a lot of complaints from my friends. They were mainly talking about the mood-swings and feelings of depression they were experiencing. So, I spoke to my gynaecologist and told her that I did not want to go through these feelings and emotions, and I asked her if there were any medicines I should take as a precaution. She reassured me that there was no reason for me to worry and that I did not have to take any medication, and, throughout the process, I never did take anything.

6. Do you wish you knew more about menopause before the symptoms started?

Like I said, I did not experience any symptoms and as a result, I never felt a lack of information.

7. If you could give one message for all the women who are 50 and above. What would it be?

I have a very simple message for them – live your life freely and enjoy every moment! That’s it. Don’t ever leave an opportunity if it comes your way. After all, my career took off only when I was 50 and I’m still going to work for another 10 years at least.

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