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What phase of life are you?


This phase starts with your first menstrual cycle and ends with the first signs of menopause. 

12-34 years


In this phase, there is a decline in estrogen levels which leads to irregular periods and intense symptoms of menopause.

35-45 years


12 Months without a period? You have begun this new phase of life.

46-51 years


The day after menopause, starts the postmenopause.

+ 51 years

46.2 years

is the average age of natural menopause in India; 5 years earlier than the Western World. 

150 Million

women in India in Menopause. 

1 in 4 women

say that their symptoms affect their quality of life.

1/2 of life 

spent in perimenopause and postmenopause phase.

We want to "talk" about Menopause. Unpause offers safe solutions to change the way you deal with your symptoms. We want to empower you to embrace the "new you" with love and compassion. 


The Unpause Beliefs



The Village

For Women, By Women

Support and Normalise Menopause. 

Women need a village of support and we want to give you a safe space to connect, share, reflect and empower. 

Curated products just for your needs! 

We see you. We feel you. We hear you. We are you.